/ˈtuːlˌkɪt/  noun 1. a set of tools designed to be used together or for a particular purpose 2. software designed to perform a specific function, esp to solve a problem

1. Add tooltips and full special education definitions to ANY webpage

  • On any webpage with special education words, concepts, jargon ...

This extension provides both tooltips (short definitions) and full definitions for terms used in special education. The tooltips are fast and brief, a sentence or two. The dictionary definitions give a full definition and, where appropriate, offer the legal authority (e.g., “IDEA 34 CFR §300.320”), synonyms, use in a sentence, and more.

Works in the Chrome browser and with any webpage. Once installed, anytime you want to enable tooltips on a page, just click on our icon. Want to see a definition? Highlight the word and choose “Define” … it is that simple! Any page, anytime!

2. Frequently Asked Questions – Special Education FAQ

A full set of questions on special education topics with the answers geared toward both special education professionals and parents! References to the applicable law, built-in tooltips for help with unfamiliar terms, and more.

The answers, and many of the questions, come from the US Department of Education and multiple legal sources, all attributed.

Contribute by suggesting more topics.

3. The ultimate Special Education Search engine … SPEDsearch

A specialized search engine combing through thousands of documents and other materials. Webpages, Adobe pdf documents, Microsoft Office documents, and more are all indexed and searched to your specifications and all may be downloaded. The information is culled from the 504 Rehabilitation Act, FERPA, IDEA, ESSA, NCLB, OCR, OSEP, OSERS, and multiple state departments of education.

You have the option of using our built-in search engine or a customized Google search of the site. Seek and ye shall find!

4. Need a form? Records request … Bullying … Complaint … Email … SPEDform!

The one place where you can generate many of the forms you will ever need. Creating an account and logging in will allow you to save drafts of the forms, but all forms may be generated whether you are registered or not.

Forms are being added. Currently there are generators for an Education Records Request (conforms to FERPA), Bullying Report (conforms to OCR and all states), PRS Complaint (state complaint for MA), and a District Concern email (for your school district).

Some Resources:

And for those in Massachusetts:

These are documents in .PDF file format …

A Parent’s Guide to Special Education | IEP Process Guide | IEP Writing Guide | IEP Timeline

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